Help Services

The online help web site was built to support operating our web sites based on Express Content.

How much do I need to know?

It should be mentioned that advanced knowledge if at all is no need for operating our Express Content CMS. It was built with big consideration of easy for understanding and ease of use. That way it is really no matter is the operator is the president or the administrator. Or in some firms the operator is replaced from time to time frequently. easy to use.

 In the Online help web site you can find knowledge of:

  • What is Files Bank?
  • How to add content to the web site?
  • How to link a web site menu to content?
  • And what is the meaning of "Publish but no modish content"?

The support web site contains sections of general information and a step by step guid to operate our web sites.

If you need more help or have some question? please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to assist you.