CMS Express Content

Express Content is a powerful and multi-purpose system which we developed as a website content management system platform for managing content and creating web site pages on-line. Improve the content management maintenance and the ease of the daily tasks. Include wide range of CMS components and tools that improves delivering web sites fast and reliable.

Benefits of Express Content CMS

  • More effective way of publishing and editing of printed data on-line.
  • Maximize trouble free from the outset, enables you to edit and maintain the site content separately from the online site.
  • Lack of HTML writing knowledge is no longer limitation for effective operating.
  • Our CMS aims to fulfill the internet's promise of efficient and high quality product.
  • Comfortable interfaces
  • Keeping the possibilities of future growth.

What's new in our Express Content CMS?

  • Divided panels interface, for navigation ease and wide site data view.
  • New components and controls such as:
    Advanced HTML Editor, navigation trees, toolbars, file, bank and pictures controls.
  • Tabbed controls for similar data content grouping.
  • Iconize list manager with sorting and ranking capabilities.
  • Online diagnosis mode.

Express Content
allows you to update the content of the website using just a browser, without installing any software.